Purpose: To prevent coagulation (in dressings, smoothies, and soups)

Instructions: Heating Mori-Nu® Silken Soy Purée on its own will cause coagulation. Blend Silken Soy Purée together with all other ingredients prior to applying heat (140 degrees Fahrenheit max) in order to retain the maximum flavor and texture of the Purée.

Purpose: For uniform consistency (for cakes, desserts, and sauces)

Instructions: Mori-Nu Silken Soy Purée settles and separates naturally resulting in a thin layer of liquid at the top of the package. Mix and blend well before use for uniform consistency.

Purpose: To maintain quality

Instructions: Mori-Nu Silken Soy Purée is aseptically packaged with a shelf life of 9 months. However, once the package is opened, Silken Soy Purée must be refrigerated and used within 2-3 days after opening.

Purpose: To maintain freshness

Instructions: We do not recommend freezing Mori-Nu Silken Soy Purée on its own. Doing so will cause irreversible tight coagulation resulting in a hard, chunky texture. However, once our Purée is used as an ingredient at the right proportions, freezing the final food product will not be an issue.

Purpose: Heat sterilization (in liquid products like smoothies, soups, ice cream, etc.)

Instructions: Heat sterilizing Mori-Nu Silken Soy Purée on its own will result in small soft chunks and a coagulated appearance. Homogenization or high shear mixing after sterilization is recommended.

Purpose: To prevent separation (in sauces and dressings)

Instructions: For high viscosity products, it is not necessary to add any thickener to prevent separation. If separation occurs, mixing and blending in thickeners (e.g., Xanthan gum, carrageenan, corn starch, etc.) before sterilization is recommended. If sterilizing in a kettle, mixing during sterilization is suggested to maintain a smooth texture.

Purpose: To prevent separation (in berry drinks)

Instructions: HM-pectin and gum arabic are effective in preventing separation of finished products. Soy protein is stable with HM-pectin and gum arabic under low pH (below 4.5).

Purpose: To prevent separation (in soup mixes)

Instructions: Sodium citrate (sodium salt) is effective in preventing separation of finished products. Sodium citrate will work as a chelating or gelatin agent for protein coagulation.